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Tips and strategy for IIT JAM Chemistry Preparation

Tips and strategy for IIT JAM chemistry preparation

If you are looking for tips to secure good narks in IIT JAM chemistry preparation,  then you are at the right place. In this article you will relevant details on how to prepare well for the upcoming examination and which mistakes should be avoided in order to get through with the tough task of passing the examination.

The first question which comes in the mind of every situation when he plans to appear for the IIT JAM chemistry examination is that he should join the coaching for the same or not? This question keeps troubling the student when he has not done anything well in advance for the IIT JAM chemistry preparation.

Should you join coaching for IIT JAM chemistry preparation?

It is believed that one should start the IIT JAM chemistry preparation from any year of B.Sc., be it 1st year, 2nd year or the final year. Coming to whether you should join coaching or not, is totally an individual’s choice. Several JAM aspirants have cracked the Entrance Examination in a single attempt without taking any coaching and some could not get through it even after seeking coaching.

It is highly recommended that you join a coaching centre. Because here you can interact with like-minded people, understand their perspectives, and take tips from their learning styles. This will improve your knowledge and you will be well aware with the latest updates.

The competitive environment of coaching will keep your motivation levels high. Taking regular tests conducted by the coaching centre will help you to improve your speed and ability to handle different types of questions that too with expert guidance.

Tips to consider while doing IIT JAM chemistry preparation

If you follow the below given tips and strategies, there will be no obstruction between you and the IIT.

Make a list of must have books-

Books written specifically for IIT JAM chemistry preparation, apart from B.Sc. books, will help you to develop an idea of what to expect in the entrance paper along with the detailed discussion on which topics to study and which not to. These books tend to contain complete syllabus of the test paper. Not only this, these books are easily readable and easy enough to grasp.

Refer previous years’ question papers-

Go through IIT JAM chemistry papers of previous ten years and try to identify the possible patterns and important topics. Also, remember that, you should focus on key topics of the syllabus because these are even more important to achieve better results. But, this should be done only after completing the whole syllabus.

Solve sample papers and give mock tests-

Practice the mock tests to improve the performance because performance depends on how much time you have devoted to solve answer each question and also how many of them are answered correctly.

On the other hand, practicing sample papers and previous year’s question papers is the best way to test your knowledge. While doing this, you understand different approaches of attempting different sections such as MCQs, MSQs, and NAT which are being asked in the exam. Apart from this, you should always analyse your performance in the mock test so that you can improve your weak areas.

Maintain a timetable-

Last but not the least, it is important to maintain a timetable so that you can prepare for the exam in a planned way. This will allow you to give sufficient time to the subjects that need more attention than others.

It is recommended that you should also make a time table for the next four months apart from making the daily and weekly plans. The planning should involve completing each and every topic of the syllabus with special focus on necessary topics of IIT JAM preparation.