Do you know: All Faculties in CHEMTIME are IITians | CHEMTIME is Now a Knowledge Partner to UNACADEMY, The India`s Largest ONLINE Learning Platform | CHEMTIME has the Highest Selection Rate in CSIR-NET/JRF in India i.e. 40% | CHEMTIME is the only Institute in India to have a Perfect Selection Rate in IIT-JAM & GATE - 2020 i.e. 100%.

About Us

About Us

Laying its foundation in 2018, CHEMTIME has since then been a pioneering institute for Chemistry in Delhi NCR. Our teachers are motivated to bring out the best in their students with their unique pedagogies and impeccable experience. Since we are new, we don`t follow the old school methods of teaching Chemistry that make it all the more monotonous. Our teachers are apt at bringing out the fun in learning making your preparation for IIT JAM, GATE, CSIR-NET/JRF a cake-walk for you. With the most exceptional results, we have made a mark so far and strive to enhance it in the coming future. With the determination in our students, we have bagged a terrific 100% result in GATE, 100% result in IIT-JAM and most of all, an extraordinary result of 40% in CSIR-NET/JRF. The aspirations of our children are our source of inspiration. Keeping that in mind we have developed unique teaching strategies that make learning Chemistry more student-centric. For those who strive longer lengths than the ordinary, we make it a point to give them all they need. From our impressive infrastructure to miraculous facilities like; fully-loaded library, quality study material and prodigious sets of Chemistry equipment. To compensate for what schools couldn`t cover, we have the best pool of IITians and Scientists as faculty members. And since we vouch to give you the facilities that make you cross the sky, we don`t limit ourselves there. Our teachers develop excellent testing methodology so that no student lags behind. We go beyond the conventional methods when it comes to learning Chemistry. That`s how we become the stepping stones for our students to crack the competitive exams that once looked like an impossible cliff to climb. If you still don`t believe it, try us out and we`ll have you flabbergasted just in a bit!

Why Us?

  • The perfect comprehensive learning approach

    Our innovative learning solutions have revolutionized the concept of comprehensive approach in GATE/CSIR-NET/IIT-JAM coaching classes.

  • Pool of Renowned Faculty Members

    Our team comprises of highly qualified members,IITians cum Scientists who are best in their fields.

  • Interactive Classroom Learning & Support Model

    Our classroom model is interactive & constantly developing to suit individual needs by providing abundant mental stimulation.

  • Unique & Innovative Library System

    Besides books, our faculty members remain present round-the-clock in the library for doubt-solving and individual teaching.

  • Student-Centric Approach Aiming Holistic Learning

    Our student-centric approach aims at the well being of the students, enabling them to learn at their comfort and convenience.

  • Testing, Assessment & Feedback Mechanisms

    Our topic-wise tests, major tests and rigorous feedback mechanism help the students to know their level of understanding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the opportunities for GATE/CSIR-NET/IIT-JAM aspirants by creating a versatile and competent learning system.

Our Vision

At CHEMTIME, our vision is to become the best brand in the education industry for GATE/CSIR-NET/IIT-JAM aspirants and turn their dreams into reality by providing the highest quality of education.

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