How to prepare for CSIR NET, IIT JAM, GATE?

22-Apr 2022

Do you want to know How to prepare for CSIR NET, IIT JAM, GATE?

 IIT JAM, CSIR NET, GATE these exams are very high  valuable and difficult also. but nothing is impossible when you have a proper and smart strategy.  complete guidance is very important for prepare IIT JAM and other competitive exams. we are going to to provide you a very smart and complete strategy to crack these exams. you need to make your to follow this planing properly.  we have prepared this strategy step wise you need to follow it with punctuality.

you should Know about exam and its pattern

  • The JAM Test is a three-hour online single-paper exam with 60 questions worth a total of 100 points
  • Question paper has three section
  • There are a total of 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in Section–A, with 10 questions for one mark and 20 questions worth two marks each.
  • There are ten Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) in Section–B, each worth two points. Each MSQ question is identical to an MCQ, with the exception that out of the four options, one or more may be right.
  • Section–C has a total of 20 Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions, including 10 one-mark questions and 10 two-mark questions. The answer to these NAT questions is a signed real number.


Why You should join coaching or not?

candidates have repeatedly demonstrated that whether or not to take coaching is a personal decision. Several students hopefuls have passed the Entrance Examination in one try without any prior preparation. Their self-assurance, drive, determination, and perseverance made it feasible. You can engage with like-minded individuals, grasp their viewpoints, learn from their learning styles, expand your knowledge, and stay up to date if you join a Coaching Centre. Your motivation will be sustained by the competitive environment. Faculty input will aid in gaining a greater amount of information in a shorter amount of time. Taking regular exams can help you increase your speed and capacity to deal with various sorts of questions. I would like to suggest you time for Exam preparation. They have well qualified teacher and good quality study material.


Select good books and Materials to crack Exams.

  • Exam Preparation requires careful selection of suitable study materials.
  • time study material, according to several successful JAM aspirants, is sufficient for the JAM/M.Sc entrance syllabus.
  • For each subject of istry, one or two reference books are sufficient.
  • PERSONALITY: Peter Atkins, Levine, and Castellan
  • Clayden, Jerry Marsh, Carey, and Sundberg are all organic.
  • INORGANIC: huheey, shriver and Atkins
  • You can practice by watching online video lectures, reading course materials, taking coaching notes, and so on.
  • You can also ready the books you used in your undergraduate studies.

Remember and follow these suggestions while preparing

  • Always solve last years question paper
  • During your preparation, practice previous year's questions.
  • Make an effort to grasp the topics, take practice exams, and revise on a regular basis.
  • Because the majority of the problems in JAM are conceptual and numerical, you should work on improving your problem-solving skills and time management in order to get a decent score.
  • Completion of the syllabus, review, and practice exams should all be part of your strategy.
  • Making a timetable and formulating your daily duties is a fantastic idea. Once
  • You will notice better outcomes for the same amount of work if you create daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  • The first stage in the planning process is to choose a simple yet relevant topic. Start with a simple topic, as suggested by the toppers.
  • Make a list of all relevant definitions, formulae, and distinctions for each topic in your revision notes.
  • After you've mastered each topic, practice previous JAM questions by topic.
  • To determine your performance, take the examinations for each topic and subject.
  • During your preparation, clear all of your doubts.
  • While practicing quizzes/tests, look for areas of weakness and try to revise and practice those topics.


Revise your complete syllabus properly

  • Not only should revision notes be prepared, but they should also be revised on a regular basis.
  • Recall the principles of prepared subjects by reading the review notes at least once a week.
  • Your revision time to recollect the concepts will decrease each time you revisit the same topic/subject.


Practice of Mock Test

  • There are two ways to prepare for mock exams. The first is daily self-practice, and the second is taking online mock examinations.
  • Improve your performance by practicing mock exams. The amount of time spent on each question and the number of questions successfully answered determines how well you perform.


What you should do at last stage of Exam?

  • Finally, allot time for revision and practice.
  • More exams should be practiced, as well as identifying and revising the weakest areas of each test.
  • Every day, you should practice 2 to 5 exams and remember all ideas.
  • Every day throughout this period, your self-assurance will grow.


Strategy for the jam exam in the last minute

  • You do not need to learn any new topics in the previous two days.
  • Focus on refining the concepts over the next two days
  • Just revise which you topics are learned by you.


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